Engineering for efficiency

From the R&D&I departments, Technical Bureau and Production Engineering emerge the classification of the product with which we target the market.

Niche markets

We offer solutions based on the requested power and the installation use: refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning or a combination of all this things.

The flexibility of some of our units make our units compatibles with several market niches.



Surfaces between, 900 & 1.500 m2

70kW of Refrigerated foods

15kW of Frozen foods

100kW of Air conditioning

RETAIL solutions


Surfaces between 200 & 800 m2

30kW of Refrigerated foods

30kW of Air conditioning



Surfaces between 20 & 24.000 m2

Between 1.200 & 2.500kW of Refrigerated foods

Between 250 & 600kW of Frozen foods

Cold Technologies

We work with several technologies and the most diverse refrigerant gases to offer in every case the best solution adapted for every project.

In Tewis we research even among mixed-technologies who benefit of the synergies and maximized the performance of the plant at a whole.

We work with all kind of refrigerants: NH3, CO2, HFC’s and heat-carrying fluids, always offering installations with an optimized ratio of efficiency / investment / sustainability.


Solutions able to manage several regimes at the same time.


The synthetic refrigerants more widespread in the market.


The natural refrigerant more environmentally friendly.


A natural gas able to meet the most demanding needs.