A plus of benefits to implement our solutions

bodywork CI box

A complete engine room with easy connections, suitable for outdoor use.


Built-in or remote, they allow to manage the state of switches, doors, cold rooms and alarms choosing the parameters with which to act.




Its main function is to transfer the thermal energy from a surface that has to be cooled towards the refrigerant fluid circulating inside the device.


They condense the steam coming from the compressor and evacuate the heat of condensation (latent heat) to the outside by means of an exchange fluid.


Tewis offer several electronic services with an innovative Immotic & Domotic, based on the regulation and electronic control for the centralized management of the plant.

With the electronic implementation we obtain and automation of processes in several installations and self-management. Tewis has developed algorithms who allow the best electronic regulation, management and monitoring, thanks to the use of advanced technologies.

Our knowledge about thermodynamics to the immotic & domestic systems Tewis an improved monitoring for the problems identification and guarantees a high performance in the cold systems.